Inaccurate or incomplete VET transcripts  

There may be occasions where some information on a VET transcript is inaccurate or incomplete. Refer to the relevant headings below to find out why this can happen and how to update your VET transcript. 

Why is my VET transcript incomplete or inaccurate? 

There may be occasions where some information on a VET transcript is inaccurate or incomplete.

Find out more about inaccurate or incomplete VET transcripts.

Because training organisations vary in the frequency of reporting, your transcript may not include information about recently completed training. 

Examples of inaccurate information: 

  • incorrect qualification/unit/module 
  • incorrect training outcome 
  • incorrect name. 

Reasons why VET training completed since 2015 is not shown in the transcript: 

  • the training organisation has an exemption from reporting particular types of training 
  • the training organisation was unable to collect or verify your USI for the report 
  • the training organisation has not reported any data for the relevant reporting period yet. 

If your transcript is inaccurate, the training organisation that delivered your training should be able to update your VET transcript. 

Remember – your VET transcript does not replace the qualification/statement of attainment from the training organisation. 

IMPORTANT: The Office of the Student Identifiers Registrar and the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) are unable to make any corrections to a VET Transcript. 

Only nationally recognised training is included on your VET transcript 

If you’re not sure whether your training is nationally recognised, look for the Nationally Recognised training symbol on your certificate/statement of attainment. 

When did you complete the VET training?  

Any VET training that you undertook before 2015 will not be shown on your VET transcript. 

Depending on the frequency of reporting by your training organisation, your training may not appear until the following year. This includes any units or qualifications commenced, completed or changed since the last time your training organisation reported to the national VET data collection. 

Incorrect name on your VET transcript

If your name on your transcript is incorrect, you can fix it in your USI account:

  • login into your USI account via the USI Student Portal 
  • from the transcript screen, select ‘Update Your Personal Details’ and follow the prompts (you will need a current form of ID if you want to change your name).

Did you provide your USI to the training organisation who delivered the VET training?  

If not, you will need to provide them with your USI and a statement of attainment or qualification when asking them to update your VET transcript. 

How does a training organisation fix my inaccurate VET transcript? 

Contact the training organisation that delivered the missing VET training and ask them to check and correct the details. 

If the error occurs for training undertaken at multiple training organisations, you will need to contact each training organisation individually. 

The training organisation cannot update or correct training that you completed with a different training organisation. 

Your training organisation will be able to make corrections by: 

  • updating inaccurate information 
  • adding missing information 
  • deleting inaccurate information. 

Corrections may take a few days and your training organisation should contact you to confirm that the updates have been made. 

You may like to give your training organisation permission to view your VET transcript online. You can limit the period of time they will be able to view your transcript. 

A student cannot see their VET transcript, or it is incomplete 

If this happens, check your records to confirm: 

  • the training was undertaken after 1 January 2015 
  • the training was reported correctly in AVETMISS 
  • the training was not completed since your organisation last reported to the national VET collections 
  • that the student or training organisation does not have an exemption 
  • that the student does not have multiple USIs by using the: 'Existing USI Search' function in the USI Organisation Portal. 

If you believe you reported the correct USI training information and USI to the national VET collections: 

  • contact your State Training Authority (for government funded training)  
  • the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) (for fee-for-service training) on 1800 649 452 

What if there is an error on the VET transcript? 

If you have confirmed that your student’s VET transcript is inaccurate or contains an error, use the NCVER USI Transcript Update Tool to make the necessary correction.  

What is the USI Transcript Update Tool? 

The USI Transcript Tool has been developed by the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER). 

The USI Transcript Update Tool allows training organisations to update records they have previously reported to the national VET collections (AVETMISS reporting). 

The USI Transcript Update Tool will not replace AVETMISS reporting and training providers must continue to meet their reporting obligations when they submit training data into the National VET Data Collection. 

It allows training organisations to edit, add or delete records and update the training information on a VET transcript outside the AVETMISS collection windows. 

To ensure the student’s data remains consistent, any updates/changes made utilising the USI Transcript Update Tool, must also be updated/changed in your organisation’s Student Management System (SMS). 

Find out more about the Transcript Update Tool.

When do corrected records show in the VET transcript? 

Generally, the transcript will show the updated record within a few days of the update being made via the USI Transcript Update Tool. However, updates using the standard AVETMISS submission process will appear at the next quarterly or annual update. 

When you have received notification that the update has been applied, you must advise your student that the correction has been made. 

What if a student’s name is incorrectly displayed on their VET transcript? 

Students are able to update their own personal details by logging into their USI account

Is the training in the VET transcript up to date? 

Training organisations report either quarterly or annually to the national VET collections, so there will always be a time lag in displaying recently completed training. VET transcripts should be read in conjunction with other evidence of training. 

A qualification or attainment isn’t listed on the VET transcript 

There can be several reasons for a paper qualification not matching a VET transcript: 

  • recently completed qualifications might not yet have been uploaded to the National VET Data Collections (quarterly for government funded training and annually for fee for service training). Find out more about training data collection and VET transcripts  
  • the student might not have provided their USI for that training or the provider did not submit a USI with the relevant training information to the National VET Data Collections 
  • a small number of training organisations, courses and individuals are exempt from the USI requirements. For example, training completed before 2015, national security and defence courses and single day courses completed before 2018.  
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