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Student Permissions

A student must give permission to an authorised organisation to:

  • create a USI on their behalf
  •  search for their USI
  • view and/or update details on their USI account 
  • disclose their USI to another provider
  • view their VET transcript

Protecting privacy 

A students privacy is protected under the Student Identifiers Act 2014 and the Privacy Act 1988

Find out more about privacy.  

Permissions for authorised organisations

Students can permit an

  • education or training provider
  • VET Related Body (VRB)
  • Tertiary Admission Centre (TAC)

to view and/or update their details directly through the USI Registry System. This means the provider can: 

  • view the student’s personal information such as their contact details 
  • update the student’s personal information such as their contact details 
  • view the student’s full VET transcript (applicable for Registered Training Organisations and VRBs only)* 

Depending on the permissions set by the student, the education or training provider may receive an email notification informing them of the type of permissions the student has granted. This notification will be sent to the contact details they have recorded with or TEQSA 

When the education or training provider logs into the USI Organisation Portal, all the information the student has permitted access to will be visible. 

* Students can choose to allow a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) or VRB to view their full VET transcript through the USI Organisation Portal. Students can also download their full transcript, or an extract of their transcript, and provide it via email or a hard copy.

When do I need permission from a student?

Creating a student USI 

Under the terms and conditions, an education or training provider, VET Admission Body or TAC must: 

  • seek the student’s permission before creating a USI on their behalf 
  • provide a privacy notice to the student, explaining how their personal information will be used. 

Searching for a student USI 

Providers need a student’s permission to search for their USI. When a provider conducts an existing USI search, the student will receive an automated email or text message to notify them. Permission is required:

  • before using the ‘existing USI search’ feature in the USI Organisation Portal to locate the student’s USI
  • to use the ‘find USI’ feature in the USI Organisation Portal to access the student’s details.  The student will need to have provided account access permission to view and/or update their details. If the provider does not have permission from the student, their USI account will not appear in the search results.

Verifying a student USI 

Providers do not need a student’s permission to verify that their USI is correct.  

Providers disclosing a student’s USI or VET transcript 

Providers must seek permission to disclose a student’s USI and/or VET transcript to another provider. 

Transcript permissions for RTOs and VRBs

Viewing a student VET transcript 

An RTO or VRB must have a student’s permission to view their VET transcript. Find out more about VET transcripts

VET transcripts include personal information. As such, VET transcripts must not be copied or disclosed to any other person without the student’s consent. 

Updating a student VET transcript 

RTOs do not need permission from the student to use the NCVER Transcript Update Tool if an amendment is required.  

RTOs can only update training they delivered and which has already been reported to NCVER.  

Find out more about VET transcript updates, errors or missing information

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