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About our team

The Office of the Student Identifiers Registrar (OSIR) supports students and education and training providers to access the USI Registry System to create, find, verify and update USIs securely.

The OSIR consists of 3 teams:

  • Digital and Project Services
  • Corporate Services, Communications, Stakeholder Relations and Customer Service
  • Policy, Data, and Compliance

Our executive

Glen Watson

Student Identifiers Registrar 

Glen Watson was appointed to act as the Student Identifiers Registrar in January 2023.  

As the Student Identifiers Registrar, Glen is responsible for administering the creation, storage, and use of over 14 million Unique Student Identifiers (USIs). He is supported by the Office of the Student Identifiers Registrar (OSIR) and the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations.  

Glen remains focused on keeping the needs of students and providers front of mind and delivering a simple and secure customer experience to them. Guaranteeing students’ privacy is paramount as is ensuring individuals have control over who can access their personal information. 

Glen is a senior leader within the Australian Public Sector, with over 44 years of experience. He has worked with a broad range of departments and agencies, making strong contributions to a range of public policy areas.


Suzana Bogosavljevic 

Director, Digital and Project Services

Suzana leads the Digital and Project Services teams. Suzana brings a wealth of experience to the USI team, following an extensive career within the public sector. She has worked across a broad range of skills, education and employment programs for numerous departments. 

    The Digital Services team oversees and leads the:

    • development, maintenance and enhancement of the USI Registry System and supporting applications
    • onboarding of clients to USI ICT systems
    • delivery of USI ICT functions for whole of government initiatives.

    Andrea Lindsay

    Director, Corporate Services, Communications, Stakeholder Relations and Customer Services 

    Andrea brings over 20 years of experience spanning Local, State and Commonwealth government. She is driven by her passion for communicating and engaging with people, to deliver the right message at the right time on their journey.

    The Customer team is responsible for: 

    • assisting students and education and training providers with their enquiries
    • managing all inbound contact channels.

    The Corporate Services team is responsible for providing the Student Identifiers Registrar and the OSIR with ongoing support, advice and updates regarding:

    • financial management
    • HR practices
    • departmental liaison
    • critical incident management
    • internal communication activities.

    The Corporate Services, Communications, and Stakeholder Relations team looks after:

    • the development and distribution of all USI communications products
    • all promotion and marketing activities
    • consultation and engagement activities with key stakeholders
    • the development of strong relationships across the education and training sectors.

    Tori Gooding

    Director, Policy, Data and Compliance

    Tori is a long standing APS employee who has extensive experience in compliance, investigations policy and privacy portfolios.

    Tori leads the Policy, Data and Compliance team. Her team is responsible for:

    • changes to the Student Identifiers Act and related policies
    • privacy and data breach management
    • compliance & enforcement
    • data analysis and reporting to inform business priorities
    • business intelligence and reporting functions of our office
    • business assurance activities to identify risk and opportunities for improvement.
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    Office of the Student Identifiers Registrar (OSIR)
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