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VET Related Bodies (VRBs) & VET Admission Bodies (VABs)

In order to qualify as a VAB or VRB, an organisation must meet one of the definitions specified in the Student Identifiers (VET Admission Bodies) Instrument 2015.


VET related body means:

  • a Department of the Commonwealth, or a Department of a State or Territory, that deals with matters relating to VET (including the funding of VET)
  • a body (whether incorporated or not) established by or under a law of the Commonwealth, a State or a Territory that performs functions relating to VET (including the funding of VET)
  • a VET Regulator (within the meaning of the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011)
  • an entity specified in an instrument under subsection (3).


Under the Instrument, the following organisations are VABs:

  • a government or non-government school authority or individual school whose students undertake a VET delivered in secondary schools program
  • an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network provider contracted by the Commonwealth
  • a Commonwealth, state or territory correctional services facility
  • an organisation that is a VET Related Body (VRB)
  • one of the four agencies nominated in the Instrument that manage admissions to VET.

Note: All VABs are required to have an Authentication Credential for login to use the USI Registry System.

Accessing the USI Registry System

Our How to access the USI Registry System page contains useful information about

  • what functions VRBs and VABs can perform in the Registry System
  • requirements for setting up access to the USI Registry System
  • additional information that VRBs and VABs are required to provide within the System Access Request form.
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