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Find a student USI

Find USI function

This enables you to search for a USI and update details depending on the permissions granted to your organisation by the student. A student can give a provider permission to both view their details and/or update their details.

To update the student’s first name, last name or date of birth you need to see an acceptable verifiable form of identification with their new details. 

You do not need any identification to update their preferred name, gender or contact details. 

Find a student's USI

How to search for and update a student's USI

A student needs to give permission for you to find their USI. Using either the 'Existing USI Search' and 'Find USI' function requires the permission of the student.

There are 2 ways to find a student’s USI in the Organisation Portal: 

  • Existing USI - enables you to search only
  • Find USI – enables you to search and update student details.

Existing USI search function 

This enables you to search for a USI if the student has given you permission, but not make any changes to a student’s details. 

You need the following to search for an existing USI: 

  • last/family name 
  • date of birth 
  • gender. 

You also need at least one of the following optional details: 

  • first/given name 
  • middle name/s 
  • email 
  • mobile number 
  • town/city of birth. 

Using the existing USI search function will trigger a notification to  the student, either by text message or email notifying them that their education or training provider has searched for their USI.

When using a Student Management System (SMS) connected to the USI Registry System via web services, use the ‘Locate USI’ function within the SMS.

Conducting thorough searches

It is vital that the information entered in the USI Organisation Portal exactly matches the identification produced by the student.    

  • single name only  
  • single name only + date of birth (DOB) 
  • first name + last name 
  • first name + last name + DOB 
  • first name + DOB 
  • last name + DOB 
  • full first name + last name initial + DOB 
  • first name initial + full last name + DOB 
  • first name initial + last name initial + DOB.

If the student has any former names these should also be entered into the system.  

If searches are unsuccessful, you will receive a message advising ‘no USI record has been located’. 

If a unique match has been located, the USI will display on the screen. You should then advise the student to login to their account to ensure their account information is accurate. 

More than one USI has been located 

If a message appears advising ‘a match exists on more than one account’, you should refine your search to include additional information such as:  

  • gender 
  • town/city of birth 
  • previous and/or current contact information. 

If the additional information does not locate a unique account, ask the student to confirm whether they have commenced any study since 2015 that may have required a USI.  

If the student has no knowledge of any existing USI account, the student should attempt to create their own USI account online and generate a ‘Help Request’. Alternatively, the student can contact us, and we will work with them to resolve any issues. 

Incarcerated students 

If a match on more than one account has been located for an incarcerated student, the organisation needs to email a copy of the evidence of identity (EOI) form to us for investigation and to confirm the correct USI.  

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Last Modified on Thursday 6th July 2023 [608]