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How to Access the USI Registry System

Section 14 of the Student Identifiers Act 2014 specifies who can be granted access to the USI Registry System.

Functions within the USI Registry System by an entity

Create USI          
Use DVS override          
Verify USI          
Bulk Verify          
Find/locate USI          
Existing USI search          
Students can provide permission to: 
  • View a VET transcript




















  • View details
  • Update details

View organisation reports


To request access to the USI Registry System, complete the System Access Request Form. Please allow five business days for your application to be assessed and finalised. We will contact you by email to advise the outcome.

If approved, there are 2 ways you can access the USI Registry System:

  • via the Organisation Portal
  • using a system-to-system web service connection.

The Organisation Portal

To access the USI Registry System using the Organisation Portal you will need to use the new whole of government Digital Identity service - myGovID and Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM).

System-to-system web services connection

Accessing the USI Registry System from a Student Management System (SMS) using web services provides:

  • a seamless integration with other processes
  • easier management of a large number of students.

Each education or training provider must submit a System Access Request Form to use web services.

Your SMS developer will need to implement the connection mechanisms using the correct specifications and processes.

Video for providers

Nominate a contact

Organisations should nominate a team email address that is accessed by more than one person in your organisation, to ensure you receive important updates about the USI.

Access control

Access to the USI Registry System is controlled by two factors:

It is important that your organisation’s details are up to date on:

To request access to the USI Registry System complete the System Access Request Form.

myGovID and RAM

myGovID and Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) is a new whole of government Digital Identity service. Together, these services offer an easy, secure and more flexible authentication and authorisation solution.

  • myGovID is your Digital Identity which makes it easier to prove who you are online - it's like the 100 point ID check but on your smart device.
  • RAM allows you to set up and manage relationships and authorisations across government online services.

For more information about myGovID and RAM authentication click here.

VET Admission Bodies (VAB) and VET Related Bodies (VRB)

VAB and VRB organisations are required to provide additional information as part of their application. To gain access to the USI Registry System, organisations need to provide the following additional information:

  • confirmation that they meet the definition of a VRB/VAB
  • a detailed business case explaining why they require access to the USI Registry System
  • an indication of how they will access the USI Registry System.

VAB and VRB organisations will only be granted access to the USI Registry System for a maximum of 12 months. To renew access, VAB and VRB organisations need to complete a new System Access Request form every year. 

More information about VAB and VRB organisations and their definitions can be found on the VET Admission Bodies (VAB) and Vet Related Bodies (VRB) page.

Tertiary Admission Centres (TAC)

Tertiary Admission Centres (TAC) manage applications and offers on behalf of their member universities.

TACs may request access to the USI Registry System to manage USIs as part of the higher education application and enrolment process.

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