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Help Requests

What is a Help Request?

We understand that students may sometimes need assistance when creating a USI or when trying to update their personal details.

A Help Request is a system generated online request seeking assistance to resolve an issue such as creating a USI or updating personal details in a USI account. The Help Request is sent to the USI team who will respond within 5 business days.

When can a Help Request be created?

If you have tried to create a USI and have been unable to verify your details within the Student Portal, we suggest you check that your personal and identification details are entered correctly. Additionally, if the system locates a match to your details, a Help Request is generated, indicating a USI may already exist in the USI registry system.

The Student Portal allows a person three attempts to incorrectly create a USI or update their personal details.

After three unsuccessful attempts with the same form of identification, a Request Help button will appear. Create a Help Request by clicking Request Help and complete your details. On the second page of the Help Request form, you can attach your identification document.

This provides a secure way to send identification documents directly to the USI team.

For more about the identification documents we accept, see the USI and your identification.

What happens after creating a Help Request?

  1. Notification: Once a Help Request is created, the student will receive a notification, either via email or text.
  2. Uploading identification documents: The student will then be prompted to fill out the required fields and attach a form of verifiable identification to their Help Request.
  3. Our team’s response: Once submitted, our team will action the Help Request within 5 business days, or if required, will contact the student for further information via email or text.

If you still need help, call us on 1300 857 536 (inside Australia) or +61 2 6218 0994 (outside Australia) or visit our Contact us webpage for more information.

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Last Modified on Tuesday 19th March 2024 [705]