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System Access Request

About this form

When entities listed within Section 14 of the Student Identifiers Act 2014 wish to apply for access to the following USI Registry System functions to:

  • Set up initial access to the USI Registry System
  • Update education or training provider details
  • Apply for Web services to support a Student Management System (SMS)
  • Apply for Document Verification Service (DVS) override function
  • Make changes or updates to any of the above
Create USI          
Use DVS override          
Verify USI          
Find/locate USI          
Existing USI search          
Students can provide permission to:
  • View a VET transcript











  • View details
  • Update details

View organisation reports


If you are seeking access to become a VAB or a VRB, you must complete the additional information contained within this form. VAB and VRB organisations will only be granted access to the USI Registry System for a maximum of 12 months. To renew access, VAB and VRB organisations need to complete a new System Access Request form every year. 

Updating your organisation contact details

We no longer require you to submit a new System Access Request form to update your organisation contact details. To update your contact details, please email with the following subject line: Update of contact details for organisation

Please supply the following information in the email:

  • organisation code
  • full name
  • new email address to be recorded on the USI Registry system (this must be an email address of an organisation)

System Access Request form

Use the below webform to submit a System Access Request. Please allow 5 business days for your requests to be actioned and to receive an email response.

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If you need help, please call us on 1300 857 536 or from outside on Australia +61 2 6240 8740. Our contact centre is open between 8:30am-6.30pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time), Monday to Friday (excluding national and South Australian public holidays).


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