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Personal information and contact details

When you create your USI, you need to provide 2 contact details, preferably a mobile number and an email address. You can choose to provide more than two if you wish – this helps us if we need to contact you. It is important that these details are up to date and correct.

Contact details options include:

  • email
  • mobile phone
  • home phone number
  • mailing address.

You must provide your country of residence.

If you use a mailing address as your preferred contact method, you will still need access to a computer to activate your USI account or change your password.

Reasons we might contact you

We will contact you to:

  • send a link to activate your USI account
  • advise if there have been changes to your USI account
  • reset and advise a new password if you request one
  • provide your USI if you forget it
  • respond to enquiries and help requests.

Once you have created your USI it will display on your screen. Write it down for safe keeping. We will send your USI to one of the following, depending on the details you provided:

  • email
  • mobile number (or ‘cell’ number)
  • mailing address (a post office box, locked bag address or home address).

If your contact details change, please ensure you update your USI account.

Hiding your contact details

Select ‘Hide Contact Details’ to hide details from the providers you have given permission to view and update your USI account.

Use your own personal email address when creating a USI

You must use an email address that is unique to you because this can also be used as your User ID when logging into the USI Registry System. You should also use a personal email address that stays with you, rather than a training or work email. Leave this field blank if you do not have an email address.

For privacy reasons the USI Registry System does not allow an email address to be used on more than one USI account.

Updating your details

You need to provide a new form of ID to update your personal details. No proof of ID is required to update contact information or gender.

Education or training providers can also update your personal and contact details in the USI Registry System, if you have given them permission.

Ensure your personal details match your ID

The personal details you enter must match those shown on your form of ID:

  • enter your name into the first, middle and last sections as shown on your form of ID
  • do not use nicknames or abbreviated names
  • you must enter your middle name/s if shown on your form of ID.

Preferred name

In the preferred name field, enter the name in which you prefer to be known (this includes a nickname, abbreviated name, or any other name not shown on your form of ID).

If you only have one name on your ID

If only one name is shown on your form of ID, when creating a USI select 'No, I only have one name’.

Country of birth

Enter your country of birth as the country where you were born. If the name of your country of birth has changed, enter the current name.

Town/city of birth

Enter your town/city of birth as the town/city where you were born. If the name of your town/city of birth has changed, enter the current name.

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If you need help, please call us on 1300 857 536 or from outside on Australia +61 2 6240 8740. Our contact centre is open between 8:30am-6.30pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time), Monday to Friday (excluding national and South Australian public holidays).


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