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Non-Australian passport (with Australian visa)

Non-Australian citizens intending to study in Australia require a visa issued by the Australian Government. The visa must be current and valid.

If you have not been issued with an Australian visa, you will not be able to use your non-Australian passport.

When selecting a Non-Australian passport (with Australian visa) as your form of ID when creating your USI:

  • enter your non-Australian passport number
  • enter your name details exactly as they appear on your visa grant notice
  • if you have an accent (diacritic) in your name, refer to the bottom of your passport to see how this has been interpreted (eg ä may be interpreted to read 'ae'). Enter your name as it appears in the passport interpretation.

The following details on the non-Australian passport must match in order to verify in the USI Registry System:

  • family name
  • given name(s)
  • date of birth
  • passport number
  • country of passport.

New Zealand students

Students from New Zealand cannot use their New Zealand passport as a form of ID to create a USI until they land in Australia and go through customs.

Example non-Australian passport: People’s Republic of China

An examples of a Chinese passport

Hong Kong passports

If you have a Hong Kong passport, you may have to select the country of issue as China if your details are not verifying.


Office of the Student Identifiers Registrar (OSIR)
Last Modified on Wednesday 23rd December 2020 [207]