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Aviation and Maritime Security Identification Cards

It is important that the Name Details you enter match exactly what is printed on your Aviation or Maritime Security Identification Card (ASIC/MSIC). The ASIC/MSIC must be current and valid.

There are two types of MSIC:

  • Blue MSIC
  • White MSIC

There are three types of ASIC:

  • Red ASIC
  • Grey ASIC
  • White ASIC

Some Aviation Security Identification Temporary Cards may not verify through DVS. This is because the facility that issued the Temporary Card may not have updated the national register at the time of verification. Temporary Cards can be identified by a capital ‘T’ appearing to the right of the photograph.

Maritime Security Identification Card Examples

White MSIC example








Blue MSIC card example








Aviation Security Identification Card Examples

Grey ASIC Permanent example








Red ASIC Permanent example








White ASIC permanent example








Grey ASIC Temporary example








Red ASIC Temporary example
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