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DVS troubleshooting

The USI Registry System will advise which information is inconsistent with details in the USI account. If insufficient or inaccurate information is provided, the ‘Verifying USI’ process will fail.

If verification is unsuccessful

  • use the ‘Existing USI Search’ to confirm you have the correct details
  • ensure the student has given you the exact details they used when they created their USI (this may be different to the details in your Student Management System)
  • ensure mandatory fields are completed
  • preferred names, aliases and nicknames will not verify – only use the name as it appears on the document.

If a ‘Deactivated USI’ message is shown

  • this means the USI has been deactivated because the record was compromised or if the student was issued with another USI
  • ensure the student has provided the correct USI (they can show their OSIR confirmation letter to their provider
  • refer to the ‘Deactivated and Replacement USIs listing’ in the USI Registry System under ‘Self Service Reports’.

If a ‘Suspended USI’ message is shown

This means the USI account is being investigated and the student should contact us for help. 

Bulk Verify USIs

After uploading the completed template for bulk verification, the USI Registry System will check and validate the data. If missing fields and errors are found, an error report will be produced for you to download.

To view the results, click Download Results on the screen.

If you refresh or navigate away from the screen the uploaded CSV file and results will no longer be available. You will need to upload a new CSV file.

Verification Results

  • 'Successful' the USI has successfully verified.
  • 'Failed' the USI failed verification as one or more details did not match the USI account.
  • 'Invalid' the USI that was entered is incorrect. All other details will return 'No Match'.
  • 'No Match' on Name/s or Date of Birth the details entered do not match the USI account.

Check and resolve any errors before re-uploading the file.

If you upload more than 500 rows you will receive an error asking you to correct the file.

If one or more USI records match a student’s personal details, a provider can:

  • confirm the student does not already have a USI by using the ‘Existing USI Search’ in the USI Registry System
  • ensure information is entered correctly in the ‘Create USI’ fields to reduce the chance of matching with other USI accounts. This includes:
    • no nicknames, preferred or abbreviated names
    • first, middle and family names entered into the correct fields
    • no special characters in the name (eg ` ~? /\).
  • if the student knows they have a USI but cannot remember it or have forgotten their USI account password, they do not need to create a new USI. They can select ‘Forgotten USI’ or ‘Forgotten Password’ in the student login.

As a security measure, the USI Registry System is designed to ‘time out’ when there has been no activity (key strokes) within a 15 minute period.

Provider verification tips

The USI Registry System verifies identification details using the Documentation Verification Service (DVS).

DVS does not support an extended character apostrophe such as [] and most documents accepted by DVS will use the standard apostrophe ['].


A provider is attempting to find or verify a USI for a student they have stored in their own SMS (Student Management System) in the USI Registry system.

If the provider searches for O’Malley, the verification will not be successful as the format is not identical to what appears on the identification document. If a standard apostrophe is used in the identification document, then the spelling must be O'Malley.

Extended and standard character apostrophes are different Unicode characters.

If a provider cannot find a student, check to see if an extended apostrophe [’] or any other type of potentially extended character has been used, then replace it with a standard apostrophe [']. 

If you are having issues generating a standard apostrophe you can use this website.

Student identification tips

  • if the birth certificate does not verify and the student has changed their name via deed poll, attempt to verify the name change certificate (if the student has legally changed their name)
  • the details entered into the USI Registry System must match those within the database of the issuing authority
  • birth certificate extracts will only work if the document has a registration number and date
  • commemorative birth certificates will not verify
  • where the document registration number includes the year of registration, remove ‘/year’ (this may appear at the end or beginning of the registration number eg ‘1234567/1988’)
  • a Western Australian birth certificate number is a combination of numbers and letters: 
  • where there is one letter before the forward slash (‘/’), a minimum of 7 digits is required. If fewer than 7 digits, leading zeros must be entered. 
  • eg: enter 1/9050/98/W as 0109050, enter 1/6636/00/F as 0106636, enter 61/977/L as 6100977
  • when the State/Territory is selected, an example of the respective birth certificate will be displayed. Click on the displayed example to see what numbers/details should be entered and where they are located on the certificate. 
  • the details entered into the USI Registry System must match those within the database of the issuing authority
  • ensure the number is correct and has an alpha character followed by 7 digits.
  • the details entered into the USI Registry System must match those within the database of the issuing authority 
  • where the student has a diacritic (accent) in their name, refer to the bottom of the passport to see how this has been interpreted (eg ä may be interpreted to read ‘ae’)
  • check the passport number on the Visa Grant Notice and ensure it matches the passport provided
  • where the visa has expired, the passport number may not verify
  • enter the name details as they appear on the Visa Grant Notice
  • where a new international passport has been issued recently, request the student’s previous passport number. (the Department of Home Affairs may not have yet been notified of the updated details).
  • the details entered into the USI Registry System must match those within the database of the issuing authority
  • where the card has a middle name initial only and did not verify, insert the full middle name on the ‘Personal Details’ page
  • where a student has two middle names, enter the initial of the first middle name on the first name line and enter the second middle name in full on the middle name line.

For example, John Henry James Smith should be entered as:

First Name: John H 

Middle Name: James 

Family Name: Smith 

  • check the expiry date
  • if a student has not yet received a new card (the card is in transit), the student should contact Medicare and obtain the new card information
  • Medicare cards always have 10 digits
  • ensure the colour of the card is correct 
  • if it is a blue or yellow card, the expiry date must be in the DD/MM/YYYY format.
  • the details entered into the USI Registry System must match those within the database of the issuing authority
  • all types of driver’s Licences will work (eg learner’s permit, heavy vehicle licence or provisional licence)
  • ensure the licence number and card number are entered in the correct fields. Find out more about driver’s licence card numbers
  • an expired or suspended licence will not verify
  • where a student’s preferred name is displayed on the licence, you may need to use the name on their birth certificate 
  • Northern Territory Driver’s Licences must contain 7 characters. If you have only five characters, try adding one or two zeros at the beginning eg 0012345.
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