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Creating a USI on behalf of another person

Follow these steps to create a USI on behalf of another person.

  1.  Have a valid form of ID for the student. 

    We accept many forms of ID and most students have two or three acceptable forms of ID.
  2.  Start the process to create a USI

    Go to Create your USI.
  3.  Agree to the terms and conditions

    If you have previously agreed to the terms and conditions, you may not see this step.
  4.  Apply for a USI on behalf of another person. 

    Select ‘Yes’ if you are applying for a USI on behalf of another person who is not with you.
    Select ‘No’ if you are providing assistance to a person who is with you (they can create their USI with your help).
  5.  Your details 

    When you apply for a USI on behalf of another person, you need to provide your contact details. This includes at least one contact method, so the student knows who created their USI.
    • If you are an education or training provider, you must not use the Student Portal to create a USI. A warning will display, and you will not be able to continue.
    • If you are an employer, care provider representative, school teacher/administrator, commonwealth/state government agency representative, community health centre representative or other entity, you must confirm that you have consent to apply for a USI on behalf of another person and can produce evidence of this consent if required confirm that they agree to the terms and conditions.
  6.  Evidence of identity

    Select the student’s identity document you will be using to create the USI. Use the same name format as displayed on the form of ID.
  7.  Student personal details

    Enter the student’s personal details. Read more about personal details.
  8.  Student contact details

    Enter the student’s contact details, including two contact methods. An email address and mobile phone number are the most preferred contact details. Read more about contact details.

    The student’s contact details cannot be the same as the contact details entered by the person creating the USI on the student’s behalf.

Next steps

The ‘Create USI – Success’ screen will display details of the USI.

The student will receive a copy of the USI details via their preferred contact method. This also includes an activation link which requires the student to set a password and check questions. A provider cannot do this on their behalf.

If the student needs to provide their USI to an education or training provider, the details can be printed from the final screen.

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