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Citizenship Certificate

A citizenship certificate is proof of citizenship. It is for people born outside Australia and granted Australian citizenship.

This certificate is issued by the Australian Government.

Citizenship documents

There are several types of citizenship documents.

  1. Registration by descent documents

    • nationality and citizenship ACT 1948-1960 extract from register of births
    • extract from register of citizenship by descent
    • citizenship by descent
  2. Adoption

    • adoption in accordance with the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption
  3. Citizenship certificates (that comprises of)

    • naturalisation
      • certificate of naturalisation
      • certificate of naturalisation and an Australian citizen.
    • Australian citizenship
      • certificate of registration as an Australian citizen
      • certificate of Australian citizenship
    • Declaratories
      • Australian citizenship
      • declaratory certificate of Australian citizenship
      • declaratory certificate of citizenship
    • Evidentiary certificates
      • evidentiary certificate (mini declaratory)
      • evidence of Australian citizenship
      • evidentiary certificate of Australian citizenship
      • evidentiary certificate.

DVS can verify the following certificates:

  • certificate of naturalisation 
  • certificate of registration 
  • declaratory certificates 
  • evidentiary certificates 
  • extracts of registration by descent 

There are some issues with certain certificates that are not in the Citizenship database. This can include mini declatories that are issued with or without a formal  certificate.

Some declaratory documents also show the date of issue rather than the date of acquisition of citizenship. The Department of Home Affairs is addressing this issue.

To verify all citizenship documents:

The acquisition date is the date Australian citizenship was acquired.

  • you must use the stock number in the first instance, as it can provide an exact match. You must also use the ICSE evidence number, however these numbers could have changed during maintenance.

  • the family name, given name and date of birth must match (must be a principal name within the Department of Home Affairs systems)

  • the following details need to verify for the client presenting the document:

    • given and family name
    • date of birth.

      If a child named on the certificate uses the certificate as proof of ID, then their details need to pass, not the parents' details.
  • the document must not be void or cancelled within the Department of Home Affairs systems

  • the current milestone must be acquired with no subsequent loss of citizenship

Find out how to verify a registration by descent document

Notes on Citizenship Certificates and the DVS:

  • on all citizenship certificates, partial dates of birth are accepted (ie. MM/YYYY or YYYY). If a partial date of birth is recorded on the certificate then you must enter the partial date to verify.

  • date of birth fields which are partial should be entered as spaces rather than 0’s.

  • all stock numbers must be longer than 4 digits.

  • if a child or spouse is included on the citizenship certificate, their details are recorded separately on the certificate. The certificate number and acquisition date applies to all the people on the certificate (eg. children under 16 years of age).

  • if a child or spouse is endorsed on the citizenship certificate, enter the date of endorsement in the date of acquisition field. The date of endorsement is found in the endorsement section of the certificate. Endorsed children and spouse have received citizenship at a later date than the primary person named on the certificate. 

Stock Number or an Evidence Id


Broadly speaking there are six certificate number types that can be presented. The following certificate number types are verifiable via the DVS as a CC document type:

  1. Stock number - found on the top at the back of the citizenship certificate. On some older certificates it is located in the bottom left hand corner. Stock number examples: ACC 123456, CDM 1234, ACS 1234, CAS1234

  2. Evidence ID - found on the bottom left hand corner on the front of the citizenship certificate after the words “Evidence No:” or “No.”. It is 11 digits in length, and always has a 0 at the front. Evidence ID example: 012345678901.

The following certificate number types are NOT verifiable via the DVS:

  1. Old citizenship ID found on the bottom left hand corner on the front of the citizenship certificate after the word “No.”. The ID is alpha-numeric eg. PA12345678N.
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