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Student FAQs - VET transcript

The USI VET Transcript Service allows USI account holders to generate an online transcript that collates all VET training undertaken since 1 January 2015 that has been reported to the National Centre for Vocational Education Research and linked to their USI account. There is also an option for the student to generate an online extract of a transcript.

This service may make enrolment processes, credit transfers, and entitlement assessments easier for students and training providers. 

VET transcripts do not replace the qualifications or documentation issued by Registered Training Organisations.

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A USI VET transcript has the same status as qualifications issued by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). It can be used for many things, including:

•    for credit transfer purposes or demonstrating pre-requisites when undertaking further training 
•    as a useful backup if the original documentation is lost and cannot be replaced (for example, if the training provider is no longer operating)
•    where duplicate documentation cannot be obtained from the training provider (for example, if the training provider is no longer operating)
•    to provide qualifications to employers and licensing bodies
•    to reduce unnecessary retraining that sometimes results from lost credentials.

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A USI VET transcript can be:
•    viewed by the account holder in the USI Student Portal 
•    downloaded (either in full or as an extract) as a PDF that can be printed or sent via email to third parties such as employers or licensing bodies
•    accessed, downloaded and saved by education or training providers to the account holder who has granted permission and has access to the USI Organisation Portal
•    viewed via a link or QR code when provided to a third party by the account holder.

No one can view an account holder's VET transcript without their permission.

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We do not store training information unless a USI account holder downloads a USI VET transcript. If an account holder chooses to download their VET transcript, they can select how long that information is available. The information is only stored for that time period.

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All nationally recognised training completed since 1 January 2015 will appear on a USI VET transcript, including:

•    the full name of the USI account holder (this is the only information drawn from the USI account)
•    the name of all the nationally recognised training completed or commenced since 2015 available as part of the National VET Collection*
•    the name of all units of competency and modules in which the USI account holder enrolled and
•    the outcome (e.g. if the competency was achieved or not)
•    the training provider that delivered the training
•    the commencement and completion dates, and
•    the source of funding (e.g. training subsidised by government funding or privately funded training). 

An extract of a USI VET transcript will only show nationally recognised VET training selected by the student.

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Registered Training Organisations (RTO) / training providers will use the legal name of the student's USI against the certificates or statement of attainments.

For the RTO to be able to use the student's preferred name on certificates issued, the student must include their preferred name against their USI. 

The student must then advise the training provider to use their preferred name.

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The version of your recently downloaded USI VET transcript can no longer be accessed as some or all of your training or personal data has been changed. 

For example, if you change any of your personal details, such as email address or mobile, the VET transcript you recently downloaded will expire. Or it may be that training that you have completed within the last year has been reported by your training provider to the national VET data collection. If this occurs, your recently reported training will be reflected against your USI account. It will change the information used for generating a VET transcript.

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The information in a USI VET transcript is drawn from data submitted by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to the Australian Vocational Education and Training Management Information Statistical Standards (AVETMISS). As RTOs vary in the frequency of reporting, your transcript may not include information about recently completed training. Therefore, VET transcripts should always be read in conjunction with other evidence of training.

Visit our website for information on when training data is collected.

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What information is stored on a USI VET transcript?

As students complete training over a period of years, their USI VET transcript is updated to provide a record that shows all their nationally recognised training. 

Any training completed before 1 January 2015 will not be shown in the VET transcript.

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A USI VET transcript is a useful backup if your certificate or statement of attainment is lost or a replacement cannot be obtained, for example, if the training provider is no longer operating.

The VET transcript does not replace the certificate or statement of attainment issued by a training provider.

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If you give permission to a training provider to view your USI VET transcript, they will be able to access the USI Registry System and view your full USI VET transcript.

You can give permission to a third party (such as an employer, recruitment agency or licensing body) to view your full transcript or a transcript extract. To do so, you can download a copy of your USI VET transcript (full or extract). 

You can provide a hard copy of your USI VET transcript (full or extract) to a third party. 

You can also choose to make your downloaded transcript viewable online by including a unique URL link and document number, which will be displayed at the bottom of the transcript pdf. Doing this will allow the third party to confirm that your transcript is a true and correct document.

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A USI VET transcript does not include:

•    training that is not nationally recognised (even if delivered by a Registered Training Organisation)
•    training submitted to National Centre for Vocational Education Research or a State Training Authority without a USI
•    training completed before 2015
•    training commenced after data reported within the relevant current quarter
•    training outcomes that changed after the last relevant annual or quarterly submission date
•    higher education qualifications
•    VET training delivered in a single day or less before 2018 may not show on a VET transcript as there was a temporary exemption from reporting the USI.

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Training data used in the USI VET transcript is updated quarterly or annually.

Most privately funded training providers report once a year and most government funded providers report every three months.

Registered Training Providers (RTOs) who report their training data to the National Centre for Vocational Education Research quarterly will have their student VET transcripts updated in May, August and November.

RTOs who report annually will have their student VET transcripts updated in early May.

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If the vocational education and training (VET) was nationally recognised and you completed it after 1 January 2015, the details will be on your VET transcript.

The RTO issues certificates and qualifications you completed your training with. If the RTO is no longer operating, contact the relevant VET regulator for further assistance. 

If your RTO operates in Victoria only or Victoria and Western Australia only and does not offer courses to overseas students, your regulator is the - Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority 

If your RTO operates solely in Western Australia and does not offer courses to overseas students, your regulator is the - Western Australian Training Accreditation Council

All other States and Territories - Australian Skills Quality Authority

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The USI initiative commenced on 1 January 2015. Students who completed nationally recognised vocational education and training (VET) before that date did not require a USI to be issued with a VET qualification or a statement of attainment.

You should rely on the statement of attainment received for studies you have completed prior to 1 January 2015. If you have lost your qualifications or documentation for training completed prior to 2015, please contact the relevant training organisation that you studied with to obtain prior certificates of accreditation.

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A student’s VET transcript contains training outcomes submitted to the National VET Collections by the student’s registered training organisation (RTO). It is a true record of the training undertaken by the student since 2015, including completion and non-completions. The VET transcript can be accessed directly online by the RTO to authenticate the training undertaken by the student.

The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) has updated the Users’ Guide to the Standards for RTOs 2015 which provides helpful information and tips for compliance.

Clause 3.5 now identified ‘authenticated VET transcripts issued by the Registrar’ as evidence of credit to learners for units of competency and/or modules.

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A VET transcript contains training outcomes submitted to the National VET Collections by the student’s registered training organisation (RTO). 

Therefore, only nationally accredited training can be included on a VET transcript.

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As the USI is for training completed in Australia, no overseas qualifications will be recorded on the VET transcript.

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You can give permission for a training provider or a third party to view your VET transcript online.

Follow the instructions below:

  • Login to the USI Registry System and select Student Portal 
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and login to your account
  • Select Provide your USI
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see Set up access to your USI Account/Permissions. Click on the Add Organisation button
  • You will then be able to search for your training organisation by either their Organisation Code or Organisation Name. Enter these details and press Search
  • A list of organisations will appear. Once you have found the correct training organisation, press the Add button. 
  • You will see the Organisation Details at the top. Below will be your permissions View Transcript, View Details and Update Details
  • Select which permissions you wish to give your training organisation, then select how long you would like to give permission to your training organisation (expiry date can be 3 months to 2 years)
  • Select the Save button
  • Once you have saved the permissions you can still Edit or Remove the permissions

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