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Forms for students

Commonwealth Statutory Declaration form

If you wish to express a genuine personal objection to being assigned a USI, complete the Commonwealth Statutory Declaration form. 

To complete this form, you need to: 

  • outline your genuine personal objection
  • demonstrate you have an understanding of the consequences or potential consequences of not being assigned a USI.

You must include all the information required in the Statutory Declaration, which you must sign before an authorised witness. The list of authorised witnesses is included in the Statutory Declaration form.

Once complete, please send your Statutory Declaration (PDF) (DOCX) to the Registrar:

Student Identifiers Registrar
C/- Department of Education, Skills and Employment
GPO Box 9880
Adelaide SA 5001

Or email the completed form to:

Third party authorisation form

As a USI holder, you can choose another person or organisation to be your representative to communicate with the Office of the Student Identifiers Registrar (OSIR) on your behalf to make enquiries or update personal details on your USI account. We call this ‘third party authorisation’.


One-off versus ongoing third party authorisation

There are two ways you can arrange third party authorisation:

  1. Phone us with your representative, complete the usual proof of identity check questions, and verbally authorise OSIR to speak to your representative during that phone call. This is considered ‘one-off’ authorisation and is only valid during that phone call.
  2. Complete a Third Party Authorisation form where you can choose for the person or organisation named on the form to be your representative for a specific period (e.g. several months) or ongoing until you provide further notice.

If you decide to complete a Third Party Authorisation form for a specified time, it is important you understand that: 

  • you will be disclosing your USI to the person or organisation,  
  • that person or organisation may make enquiries or update any of your personal details associated with your USI account, and 
  • the person you provide authority to is required to conduct a proof of identity check about you and themselves when they contact OSIR which must exactly match the details submitted on the form.

We may ask you to review your authority from time to time, to ensure the arrangement is still suitable. If you think your authority is being misused, it is important that you contact us

Children under the age of 15

If you are a parent or guardian and are seeking to make enquiries for children under the age of 15, please contact OSIR direct on 1300 857 536. You will be asked to provide proof of identity for the child under the age of 15. Once proof of identity is confirmed, we will be able to discuss/action the following with you: 

  • look up and verify details of the young person’s USI account
  • update personal and contact information of the young person 
  • review and discuss details of the student’s USI Transcript
  • action a Help Request.

Cancelling or modifying your authority

If you wish to:

*IMPORTANT: Your third party authority will cease/be modified upon the latter of the date provided in the form; or the date OSIR processes the form. The date the OSIR processes the form may be a later date than the date that you submit on the form. The cancellation/modification of the third party authorisation cannot be retrospective (referring to personal information that may have been used by the OSIR or disclosed to other parties with your previous consent or where otherwise permitted by the Privacy Act 1988. The OSIR’s privacy policy provides details of how you may seek to access and correct your personal information and complain about a breach of your privacy.

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If you need help, please call us on 1300 857 536 or from outside on Australia +61 2 6240 8740. Our contact centre is open between 8.30am-5:00pm (Australian Central Standard Time), Monday to Friday (excluding national and South Australian public holidays).


If you would like to provide feedback, please complete the feedback form.

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