Students impacted by COVID-19 unable to create a USI

RTOs and VET Admission Bodies (VAB) can create a USI on a student’s behalf if the student has been unable to enter Australia due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions.  

If the student does not have a form of identification verifiable by the Document Verification Service (DVS), the ‘DVS override function’ can be used to create the USI. 

Application for the DVS override function 

If the RTO or VAB does not have access to the DVS override function, they must: 

Applying for a USI on behalf of a student 

  • before applying for a USI on behalf of a student, you must give the student a Privacy Notice explaining how their personal information will be used 
  • when actioning the DVS override, you must review the guidelines for the DVS override alternative proof of identity 
  • when entering the DVS override decision, the following details must be included in the ‘Evidence of identity’ section: 
    • document type: DVS Override 
    • non-DVS Document Type: Other 
    • description: NCOV. 
Last Modified on Thursday 14th January 2021 [148]