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Incarcerated Students

When to use the Incarcerated Student Evidence of Identity Form

The Evidence of Identity (EOI) form allows an organisation, or a student’s nominated representative, to assist an incarcerated student to: 

  • create a USI
  • find/verify a USI 
  • update name (first name/last name/single name)
  • update date of birth
  • get a copy of the student’s VET transcript
  • give authority to a nominated representative to act on the student’s behalf on an ongoing basis.

where standard verifiable identification is not available.

If your organisation has already been provided with the student’s verified USI, you do not need to submit an EOI form. 

If you want to add a Third Party Authority (TPA) to the student’s account, please complete and submit the TPA form.

Other terms for incarcerated:

  • in remand
  • in custody
  • in detention. 

For education or training providers

You can help incarcerated students by applying for access to the Document Verification Service (DVS) override function.

If your organisation is granted DVS override access, you may still need to submit an EOI form if you are:

  • updating a USI account (personal information)
  • resolving duplicate USI accounts
  • requesting a copy of the student’s VET transcript
  • requesting TPA to be added to the USI account. 


Please submit all forms to Please allow 5 business days for your requests to be actioned and to receive an email response.

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