Document Verification Service and override function

Document Verification Service (DVS)

The Document Verification Service (DVS) is a secure, online system managed by the Department of Home Affairs. The DVS checks that the information entered into the USI Registry System from an acceptable form of ID is valid.

The use of a valid proof of ID during the USI application process helps to:

  • reduce the possibility of a student being allocated multiple USIs.

Some people eligible for a USI may have never received or been issued a DVS proof of ID document. The DVS override function provides an alternative way to create a USI for these people.

DVS troubleshooting hints and tips.

Who can use the DVS override function?

The DVS override is a function in the USI Registry System available to:

  • education or training providers
  • VET Admission Bodies
  • Tertiary Admission Centres.

When can I use the DVS override function?

The DVS override function should only be used when a student has never received or been issued a DVS proof of ID document. Students should always be encouraged to provide a suitable ID document when a USI is created on their behalf. There should be very few instances requiring a DVS override.

The DVS override should not be used just because an individual:

  • does not have a DVS document available on enrolment day
  • is not sure where they have put their documents
  • needs to speak to a family member to get access to a DVS document.

The DVS override function should not be used to speed up the enrolment process. The use of the DVS override function is monitored by us to ensure it is used appropriately.

Students who do not have standard forms of identity 

Some students may not have had their birth registered or have access to suitable ID documents.

Incarcerated students

Students in correctional facilities may not have access to suitable ID documents. With the incarcerated student’s consent, providers may create a USI on their behalf using the Incarcerated Students Evidence of Identity Form.

The form also allows the student to authorise a correction/education officer to act on their behalf when engaging with us to verify, amend and/or create a USI. 

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples

Some ATSI students may not have had their birth registered with a Register of Births, Deaths and Marriages. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples Evidence of Identity Form allows students to provide all necessary information  to create a USI.

How to access the DVS override function

To apply for access to the DVS override function, providers and relevant bodies must:

We will assess your application and inform you of the outcome.

Last Modified on Friday 15th January 2021 [176]