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Student help/FAQS

What to do if you have multiple USIs 

Each person should have only 1 USI. If you have discovered you have more than 1 USI, contact us on 1300 857 536

Activating your USI account 

You need to activate your USI account before you can log into it. Your education or training provider cannot do this for you. You will receive an activation link by email or SMS (or to your mailing address if we don’t have other details).  

Click on the link to set up your password and security check questions.  

Your details match another USI but you haven't created one yet 

There could be 3 reasons for this: 

  • you have forgotten that you created a USI – check if you already have one  
  • your education or training provider may have created one for you 
  • another student may have similar details to you. 

Please try to create a USI again, using a different form of ID. If you do not succeed in creating a USI after three failed attempts, submit a Help Request by clicking ‘request help’ and we will contact you. 

Giving permission to an education or training provider to view your USI account 

You can give your education or training provider access to view your USI account details. Log into your USI account and select ‘Provide your USI’. 

You can give permission to more than one provider at a time. 

There are two options to find your provider in our system: 

  • search for them using your provider’s RTO code or Higher Education Provider ID   
  • search using their name. 

If you don’t know your provider’s code and you can’t find them by a name search, search for them on or on the TEQSA National Register, or ask them for their provider code. 

You can choose from the following permissions to give your provider and set an expiry date for these permissions: 

  • view and/or update details on your USI Account 
  • disclose your USI to another training organisation 
  • view your VET transcript. 

What to do if you forget your USI 

Go to Find your USI. Follow the prompts to retrieve your USI. 

You must use the same personal details that are saved in your USI account.  

Depending on the options you choose to retrieve your USI, we will send your USI to your phone, email or it will display on screen. Write it down and keep it somewhere safe. Your USI is your lifelong education number and you will need it for future training or study. 

Tips for finding your USI 

  • your password is case sensitive 
  • check that you have correctly spelled the answers to your security/check questions 
  • have access to your mobile, email and ID. 

What is an Org Code? 

The Org Code is the unique number that identifies your organisation in . It is also known as the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) provider number, RTO training number, RTO number or TGA number.  

Who is my regulator? 

If your RTO delivers training in locations other than Victoria or Western Australia, or delivers training to overseas students, irrespective of where the campus is located (ie including Vic and WA), then your regulator is: ASQA  

If your RTO operates in Victoria only or Victoria and Western Australia only and does not offer courses to overseas students, your regulator is: VRQA   

If your RTO operates solely in Western Australia and does not offer courses to overseas students, your regulator is: WATAC  

If you attend an Australian higher education institution, your regulator is: TEQSA 

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If you need help, please call us on 1300 857 536 or from outside on Australia +61 2 6240 8740. Our contact centre is open between 8:30am-6.30pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time), Monday to Friday (excluding national and South Australian public holidays).


If you would like to provide feedback, please complete the feedback form.

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