Higher education student FAQs about the USI

What is the USI?

A Unique Student Identifier (USI) is your lifelong education number. If you are doing nationally recognised training or studying at uni, you need a USI.

When do I need to get a USI?

If you’re seeking financial assistance in 2021, you need a USI. You don’t need to wait – get your USI now!

What is the benefit of a USI for university students?

Replacing the CHESSN with the USI will reduce the number of Government identifiers. You will only have to remember one number, no matter what education or training you do.

Do I need a USI to graduate?

If you aim on graduating in 2023 or beyond, you need a USI to get your degree.

What do I do with my USI?

Your tertiary admission centre or university will ask for your USI between now and census date. Keep your USI in a safe place and if your contact details change, update them at www.usi.gov.au

Should I create my USI with personal contact details or school/work contact details?

As it's your personal education number, you should set up your USI using a personal email address. It should not be a shared or work email address.

I have a USI from a VET course. Do I need another USI for uni?

No. If you did any Vocational Education and Training (VET) after 2015, you will already have a USI. You can find your USI now or call 1300 857 536 for help.

Do I need a USI to get financial assistance?

You need a USI if you’re looking for commonwealth financial assistance in 2021 (eg HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP, OS-HELP, SA-HELP). The CAF/eCAF will be updated to include a field for both CHESSN and/or USI.

I’m not seeking financial assistance. Do full fee paying students have to get a USI?

By 2023, all students will need to have a USI to get their Higher Education Award (degree/qualification/certificate). If you plan on graduating in 2023 or beyond, you need a USI, regardless of your financial payment choice. Get one now!

I need help filling in my eCAF/CAF form

The eCAF/CAF form asks for your USI because you need it to apply for financial assistance. You can create a USI now. For other questions about the eCAF/CAF form, contact your university.

Can I have my higher education qualifications on my transcript? Will my degree show on my transcript?

The VET transcript only includes nationally recognised Vocational Education and Training (VET) awarded since 2015. It does not include any higher education qualifications.

I am an international student, do I need a USI?

If you plan on completing your degree at the end of 2022 and graduate in 2023 you need a USI to receive your degree. You can get your USI now. Offshore international students do not need a USI.

Last Modified on Tuesday 19th January 2021 [256]