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You will only ever need one USI so keep a copy of it somewhere safe for future reference.

If you enrol in nationally accredited training, your education or training provider will need to know your USI to issue you with your qualification, statement of attainment or award.

You will need a USI if you are higher education student seeking Commonwealth financial assistance (eg a HECS-HELP loan) and/or you are graduating in 2023 or beyond.

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This is not a matter handled by the Office of the Student Identifiers Registrar.

Please refer to VET Student Loans

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You can apply for a USI while on a VISA as long as the VISA stipulates that you are allowed to study in Australia. You will only be able to create your USI when you land in Australia.

If you are unsure if your visa allows you to study in Australia, you will need to check the conditions of your visa with the Department of Home Affairs.

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Yes. Hyphens and apostrophes can be included in the USI name fields as long as the student has a form that reflects those characters in the name.

If the ID has characters that seem not to be accepted by the USI Student or Organisation Portal, call the USI team on 1300 857 536 or if calling from outside Australian +61 2 6240 8740.

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Information on how to create a USI, updating your details and granting permission to others to view your account can be found on our website. 

Please find step-by-step instructions below which will assist you in creating your USI account:

  • Go to the USI website and click on 'Student Login'
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and select 'Next'
  • On the next page select 'Create USI'

Creating your own USI: 

  • Are you applying for a USI on behalf of another person – select ‘No’
  • Select your form of identification and then enter in your identification details
  • Enter in your personal details and select 'Next'
  • Enter in your contact details and select 'Next'
  • Check that your personal and identification details are correct and then select 'Confirm Identity'
  • If your identity has been successfully confirmed, you will then be asked to create a password and two security/check questions.

Creating a USI on behalf of another person:

With the consent of the other person, the following people can create a USI on their behalf:

  • Parent or Guardian
  • Carer Provider Representative
  • Employer
  • School Teacher/Administrator
  • Commonwealth/State Government Agency Representative
  • Community Health Centre Representative

IMPORTANT: Education or training providers must NOT use the Student Portal to create a USI or Help Request – they must use the Organisation Portal or their integrated student management system. 

Additional information about the person creating the USI is needed:

  • Are you applying for a USI on behalf of another person – select ‘Yes’
  • Enter your relationship to the person
  • Enter your name/organisation name
  • Confirm your consent and agreement to the USI Terms and Conditions
  • Enter your email address
  • Enter your mobile/phone number
  • Continue creating the USI following the same steps under the heading ‘Creating your own USI’.

Details cannot be verified

  • you will be taken back to the personal details page
  • you must ensure your personal and identification details are correct and confirm your identity
  • repeat this step until you receive notification that 'you have exceeded the number of attempts allowed for this form of ID'.

Please continue to verify your details with the same form of ID, ensuring your name matches how it appears on your ID documentation. If you do not succeed in creating a USI after three attempts, submit a Help Request by clicking ‘Request Help’, attach your ID documents and we will contact you.

You are also welcome to call us on 1300 857 536 (inside Australia) or +61 2 6218 0994 (outside Australia).

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When a duplicate account is revoked, all training currently on the VET transcript will transfer over to the retained VET transcript.

If your training provider only has the deleted USI, you will need to contact them to provide them with your current USI.

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To maintain privacy, we do not issue cards to a student that would link their personal information with their USI.

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When you create a USI, you can:
•    email your USI to your education or training provider
•    print your USI to give to your provider.

This makes it easier for training and education providers to verify a USI. Both options display the following details of the USI account holder:
•    the USI
•    first name
•    middle name (if applicable)
•    last name
•    date of birth.

You can email your USI to multiple email addresses using the ‘email your USI’ section in the Student Portal.

Please see the below instructions on printing and emailing your USI
•    Login to the USI Student Portal
•    Agree to the terms and conditions and login to your account
•    Select Provide your USI
o    To print of a copy of your USI select the Print USI option and press print once your letter of creation has appeared
o    To email a copy of your USI enter the email address you would like to send the email to in the email field and then press Send

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The Unique Student Identifier (USI) commenced on 1 January 2015. Students who completed nationally recognised vocational education and training prior to that date did not require a USI to be issued with a VET qualification or statement of attainment.

Please contact the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) where you completed training for a copy of your VET qualification or statement of attainment.

If the RTO is no longer operating, you need to contact the relevant Vocational Education and Training (VET) regulator for your State or Territory for further assistance. 

•    for Victoria: VRQA
•    for Western Australia: TAC WA
•    for all other states and territories: ASQA

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Your internet browser may be storing a temporary file created at a time when the USI Registry System was not available.
Try clearing your browser history, cookies and temporary internet files. CTRL + F5 helps clear your internet browser.
You can also try another internet browser or restart your machine.

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We cannot give out a USI without the student's permission to protect the individual's privacy.      

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We take your privacy seriously. To ensure that your data is protected from fraud and maintain the integrity of the USI, we need to conduct a Proof of Identity (POI) check over the phone before we can answer any questions about your USI or provide assistance on how to create one.

We also take your privacy seriously if we need to assist with verifying ID documents using a protected Help Request function within our secure system. 

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You should only have one USI. If you have discovered you have more than one USI, call the USI team on 1300 857 536.

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Go to Find your USI. Follow the prompts to retrieve your USI.

You must use the same personal details that are saved in your USI account.

Depending on the options you choose to retrieve your USI, we will send your USI to your phone, email or it will display on screen. Write it down and keep it somewhere safe. Your USI is your lifelong education number and you will need it for future training or study.

Tips for finding your USI 

  • your password is case sensitive
  • check that you have correctly spelled the answers to your security/check questions
  • have access to your mobile, email and ID.

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The Org Code is the unique number that identifies your organisation in

It is also known as the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) provider number, RTO training number, RTO number or TGA number.

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If your RTO delivers training in locations other than Victoria or Western Australia, or delivers training to overseas students irrespective of where the campus is located (i.e. including Vic and WA), then your regulator is Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). 

If your RTO operates in Victoria only or Victoria and Western Australia only and does not offer courses to overseas students, your regulator is Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA).

If your RTO operates solely in Western Australia and does not offer courses to overseas students your Regulator is Training Accreditation Council Western Australia (WATAC).

If you are studying at a higher education provider then your regulator is Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA).

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