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Your USI Transcript

Keeping your National Training Collection records together – What, When, How?

What will be in my Transcript?

Your Transcript gives you access to training reported to the national VET collections. It will show information on nationally recognised training you have completed since 2015. It won’t show other forms of training or training completed before 2015. More information on what will be included is available on our website (needslink)

When will my training appear?

Your national training record will normally be updated at least once a year but may be updated more frequently where training is government subsidised. This means training you complete this year may not be reported until next year. For example, training you completed in April 2017, may only appear on your transcript in 2018. You will need to rely on the documents issued by your training provider until then. The USI Website will indicate the latest year and the latest quarter that data is available for inclusion in USI Transcripts.

What do I do if something is missing from my Transcript?

Don’t worry if something is missing from your transcript. This can occur for a number of reasons and is generally easy to fix.

Firstly, check that it is training that should appear:

  • When did you complete the training? Initially, USI Transcripts will show training completed in 2015 and 2016 with further data to be added progressively.

  • Did you provide your USI to the training provider that delivered the training? If not you will need to provide them with your USI and ask them to update your training record.

  • Is the training nationally recognised? Only nationally recognised training appears on your transcript and a small number of nationally recognised courses are exempt from reporting. If you aren’t sure whether your training is nationally recognised, look for the Nationally Recognised Training symbol (shown on the below on the left) on your certificate. Contact your relevant training provider if you are not sure.

If there is an error or omission in your transcript, you will need to contact the training provider that delivered the training and ask for a correction.

If your training provider is able to confirm that the training was delivered to you and is eligible for inclusion in your transcript, they will make a correction to the transcript. They may ask you to provide or reconfirm your USI details.

Your transcript may not show results of recently completed training. This will be updated the next time your training provider reports to the national VET collections.

It may take some time to update your record. Your training provider can let you know when this has been completed. If you need evidence of training outcomes quickly, your training provider may be able to re-issue your Qualification or Statement of Attainment.

Want more information?

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